Outside the Box


Project Description

The first volumetric talk show, Outside The Box is an exploration on the future of episodic broadcast content in a world of 5G. The pilot episode featuring celebrity Chef Roy Choi, takes viewers on a journey through the inspirations and stories behind Roy's career. Interactive moments throughout the show take advantage of this innovative medium, with moments for the audience to explore additional content, interactive points in the set, or replay features.

Volumetric capture presents enormous potential of bringing traditional broadcast literally into the audiences living room. The opportunity to break the fourth wall and have life-size personalilties in full 3D - a reflection of their true selves while the audience can choose their own perspective, move around the scene, capture moments of their choosing and immerse themselves in the content.


12 minute Streaming Volumetric AR Pilot


Augmented Reality, Volumetric Video


Augmented Reality