Thrill Driver


Project Description

To accompany Nissan’s Super Bowl ad, Snap and Nissan United collaborated with Current Labs to devise a way for any car commercial during the superbowl to be digitally carjacked.  Current created and trained a machine learning model to detect a vehicle. We then developed an advanced Snap lens that transported the “Thrill Driver” into users' living rooms. 

The Thrill Driver Lens – inspired by Nissan’s Big Game commercial of the same name — uses machine-learning technology to transform any car commercial into a thrilling Nissan experience. Once a car is detected within the Lens, an augmented reality (AR) experience transforms even the most mundane advertisement into a thrilling driving scene featuring the All-New Nissan 400 Z blasting through a wall, action movie style.  Over a 10 week period, Current trained and refined a machine learning model that would not only recognize a vehicle within a TV commercil on a screen, but also fit within the Snap lens requirements. In addition, Current created and optimized the 3D vehicle and effects to fit all within the 8 meg Snap lens limit.

According to Snapchat, Nissan is the first automotive brand to create a Lens using machine learning technology to recognize and replace any vehicle, whether on a screen or in real life and trigger an experience from it on the application.


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Augmented Reality, AI, Machine learning