Endless Possibilities


Project Description

To highlight the endless possibilities of the new Samsung Flip phone, Verizon and Samsung asked Current to collaborate with Timbaland to create an AI generated song based off your twitter information. Current trained and refined a machine learning model that uses the Timbaland song "Endless Possibilties" as a primer and then generated a unique version of the song for every user.  Users would tweet at the Verizon twitter account and a custom twitterbot would pull the publicly available data including number of followers, twitter handle, location etc and use that data to influence the custom version of the song.  In addition, the AI generated version of the song was mixed with a dynamicly generated video which was customized using the same twitter userdata.  The twitterbot then tweeted a DM back to the user with their custom video and version of the song.


AI Generated Music, Dynamic Generated Video


Machine learning, twitter bot, dynamic video,


AI, Machine Learning

Endless Possibilities

An AI collab featuring you + Timbaland.