Project Description

Acura’s “What a Race" is the worlds first augmented reality car race; built to highlight the performance of the Acura TLX. We created a custom fabricated AR headset and over 3 acres of world scale racing environments across glaciers, jungles, and volcanos. The race took place live with 4 competitors over a one-hour Facebook Live Broadcast. 


Fabricated AR Helmet, Interactive Race Environments, Live Stream, 1x 30s Broadcast Commercial, 2x 15s Promotional Videos


Unity, Maya, Gyroscope, GPS, Steering / Braking Detection, Protools, Avid, Adobe After Effects


Augmented Reality, Digital Production

This project made it onto the desk of every person at our studio. World building in Unity, HUD digital interface, a custom fabricated headset, RKT GPS tracking, automobile modifications (i.e. modified ABS brakes for tracking vehicle movement), and an assembly of innovative technology, led drivers through this mixed reality landscape. We also managed event day production, teaser films, and produced the broadcast spots with the help of STINK. 


Over 800,000 people tuned in for a live online broadcast and engaged through social media tools in order to make real-time changes to the race experience of five online technology influencers. The experience reaching over four million people within 24 hours.


To promote the Facebook Live event we created several teaser videos prior to the project being complete. We then spent a few days on the tarmac in California with our partners at Stink Films, producing the spots that would eventually be nationally broadcast.