Verizon Innovative Learning

Career Day

Project Description

Imagine having an award-winning animator hanging out in your house. Not on your television, but sitting in your living room telling you about their aspirations. It sounds unlikely — but it’s entirely possible if you are a student utilizing the innovative new Career Day app.

This augmented reality (AR) application is one of the latest innovations being rolled out by Verizon Innovative Learning, to make virtual learning more exciting and interactive. Hybrid learning puts traditional career days out of reach, but this app is the career day of the future. It contains various episodes, each featuring a hologram of a different person with an impressive career in creative or STEM related fields. They include Saba Zaidi (an interaction designer who helped create Google Assistant) and Frank E. Abney III (a former Pixar animator whose credits include Soul and Toy Story).

Beyond the visual of the hologram, other elements add to the sense of it being a real experience, including the chance to “talk” to the holograms. Prompted by words on the screen, the user asks questions out loud and the hologram, in turn, replies. So the experts not only share their work inspirations, but divulge facts about how they got into STEM and the challenges and triumphs of their personal journeys.


iOS & Android App


Augmented Reality, Volumetric Video


Augmented Reality