Gotham Knights Launch

Project Description

An exciting teaser campaign for the long awaited release of Batman: Arkham Knight, Current Studios and Sid Lee created a website that used secret codes on social media to engage fans and reward them with exclusive content. The site countdown released a mysterious screenshot of a 3D map with a location that gave fans new coordinates every date, serving as a three digit code to unlock image content on the website. When combined, the images revealed a larger map to uncover more info about Batman's origin story.





Because nothing stays secret for long, players found that the codes for each of the timed events line up to make the barcode of a very special issue of Detective Comics. Typing the code '761,941,364,995' into Google will send you to Detective Comics #359, the debut appearance of Batgirl. 

On the last day, the trailer to the high anticipated DC Fandome event, where both Rocksteady and WB Montreal debuted the games.