Don’t Stumble Tumble

MRI Preparation Tool

Project Description

Don't Stumble Tumble is a mobile application that prepares children for the experience of undergoing an MRI. As MRI's require patients to be completely still, challenges to both children and to the clinics efficiency arise when a child isn't prepared for the process. Rather than place the child under anesthesia or cause the need to reschedule (increasing wait times and clinics incurring costs), this application allows for monitored preperation for remaining still for the MRI.

Families are provided the application on a mobile device at home prior to the MRI date. The premise of the game is for the child to stay completely still to control Tumble, an animated monkey carrying items that can't spill. The software's machine learning and computer vision tools monitor the success to determine the length of time the child is able to remain still or self restrict head movement in preperation for the MRI.


IOS and Android App


Machine Learning, Pose Detection, Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality, AI and Machine Learning