McCormick Spices

Project Description

McCormick Spices wanted to heat up summer by combining two party staples into one unit, food and music! Current worked with Grey to design SUMR HITS 5000, a responsive BBQ that built music tracks live while the party chef was cooking up the menu. Using a mix of conductive sensors and computer vision, the chef could pick a track based on the sauce or spice they were cooking with and depending on where the food was placed on the grill, they could mix the layers of that track to entertain the partygoers while they prepared a mix of summer favourite recipes from McCormick Spices. SUMR HITS 5000 BBQ launched with much fanfare at a party hosted by none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff and Pitmaster Myron Mixon.


Customized Responsive BarBQ


Conductive Sensors, Computer Vision, Midi Controller, LED