Covergirl, AI Beauty Assistant

Project Description

For the opening of CoverGirl's flagship store in Times Square, we created an innovative experience for people to remember. Olivia, is the worlds first beauty AI assistant, built to answer questions on store products, latest looks, and make-up applications. Created using the latest AI tools from Google, Olivia greets people daily and continues to evolve as the AI platform learns.


Fabricated Kiosk, Digital Greeter Software


Voice Detection, Proximity Detection, Google Dialogflow, Annosoft, Maya, Adobe After Effects, Protools



Figuring out a way to seamlessly show a real CoverGirl, while having unscripted answers respond via Google's Text-to-Speech/Dialogue Flow, involved capturing, editing, and rebuilding portions of the face. The results provide the foundation for an evolving interaction that will continue to highlight the greatest in AI consumer interaction as technology and Olivia evolve.