Fox Sports

WWE Smackdown Spark AR

Project Description

For the debut of WWE on Fox Sports, we built seven different Instagram face effects. We created numerous unique camera filters inside the Facebook and Instagram Spark AR Studio, an industry first. Each filter allows fans to swap their face onto WWE video footage in real time to see themselves as WWE Superstars. Become Triple H, Charlotte Flair, The Rock, The Undertaker, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton and Stone Cold Steve Austin on Instagram or find all seven effects linked in one filter on Facebook. Fans can reenact The Game’s signature entrance, “wooo” their way to the ring as the Queen, drop a People’s Elbow, come “back from the dead” as The Undertaker or be on the receiving end of a RKO.


Seven Spark AR Effects Launched on Facebook and Instagram


Maya, Spark AR


Augmented Reality