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Current Studios focuses on the intersection between human and digital experience. Working with our clients, creative teams and marketers, we help to shape ideas so that creative leads and technology disappears, leaving human interaction at the center of everything we do. Our award winning work includes activations in augmented reality, connected technology (IoT), artificial intelligence, virtual reality (vr), experience design, mobile applications, and emergent tech.

Acura: What a Race

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Acura: What a Race

Mullen Lowe and Current Studios produced the world’s first augmented reality car race - broadcast live on Facebook. Acura’s “What a Race" highlighted the performance of the 2018 Acura TLX A-Spec with SH-AWD, as it drives across glaciers, through thick jungle, and dodging the lava of an active volcano - all within the augmented reality experience.

A custom fabricated headset, RKT GPS tracking, modified ABS breaks to track vehicle movement, and an assembly of innovative technology led drivers through over 1.5 miles of full scale virtual environments.

Over 800,000 people tuned for a live online broadcast and engaged through social media tools in order to make real-time changes to the race experience of five online technology influencers. The experience reaching over 4 million people within 24 hours.