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Augmented Reality

Current Studios has been building Augmented Reality applications since 2010 - long before the present popularity of the technology. As a global leader for AR development, we have expertise in ARkit, ARcore, Facebook AR Studio, Snapchat, Vuforia, Wikitudes, OpenCV, 3D object tracking, facial and body tracking, and interactive motion. Creating amazing AR experiences required content tailored for the platform. Current Studios has a process to optimized 2D and 3D content for augmented reality platform, delivering mobile AR vs AR headsets, and more to deliver remarkable AR experiences.

Black Panther

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The Whole Story

Black Panther

Augmented Reality returns to Walmart with the theatrical release of Black Panther. The mobile application rewards shoppers with virtual explorations of Wakanda while walking through the aisles, cinematic photo opportunities with characters, and the opportunity to try on the Black Panther mask to capture a unique selfie.

This app is the first time Walmart and Disney have used surface mapping and face tracking to bring Marvel’s latest title to life in-store, providing an innovative brand experience that seamlessly integrates with retail promotions.